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Welcome to Deckchange.com

Deck Change: Wrapping a towel around oneself to change (typically into or out of a bathing suit) in a public setting.

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Janet Evans Invitational and ConocoPhillips Summer Nationals

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and The Deck on 1/10/2009

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This site was developed to house my photos from swim meets I have attended. You are welcome to look as much as you like. If you are a non- profit site and wish to repost any of the images, I ask that you please let me know which ones. If you post them, please credit deckchange.com. For other permissions, use contact address below. If you made any avatars or icons with my pics, I'd love to add them to the deckchange gallery and share your art with others. Your comments are welcome. Write me if you recognize someone or if a picture is mislabeled or just to say "Hey".

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